National Polymer is one of the premier conglomerates in Bangladesh. With headquarters in Gulshan - 1, Dhaka. We conduct business countrywide, driven by the passion to be the best and with a team of unique professionals.

National Polymer started its business officially in June 1987 and now it is growing up successfully in multiple sectors. Striving to implement the practical initiatives required for achieving its vision and guided by a relentless focus on values, the group maintains close relations with its target customer thereby guaranteeing quality uPVC, PP-R, CPVC pipes and fittings, PVC Doors, Sheet, Ceiling also Plastic Household and Furniture products and efficient service to their valued customers. National Polymer believes in delivering operational excellence to meet commitments. For the progression of its mission it has diversified products and growing to be one of the largest industrial conglomerates of the country. With diversification and a rich variation of products it has earned reputation among Bangladeshi people and abroad as a manufacturer of premium and quality products and services.

The Company maintains high standards of quality and is able to guarantee highly professional service to meet up the customers' demand. The Company's product quality has attained a level which paved the way for the Company to receive internationally acknowledged quality management system certification ISO 9001:2008.




Managing Director's Message 

National Polymer has a long history of 25 years in PVC and Plastics technology in the Bangladesh market. Its inception was through making PVC compound for manufacturing of pipes, from which it has expanded its scope and has been the pioneer of introducing high quality uPVC pipes in our market. From time to time, it has kept its pace with pipe technology and has been the pioneer of ppr, cpvc etc and has introduced these newest technologies in the market. Its Door, sheets, false ceiling and household products division is also known in our market as "quality" products amongst many other manufacturers.

The core concept of the Company is to pioneer or introduce products which are of the highest quality amongst similar products in the market. This core concept has been integrated in its production process, logistics support and a technically sound and advanced Sales Team.

The Company believes that "quality" is defined by its customers, and it can be ensured if this concept is instilled within each and every employee within its companies. Hence we strive to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of all our employees, so that a pleasant and joyful work environment exists within the Group. We truly believe that a satisfied employee is the key to our productivity increase and subsequent market leadership.

The Group will continue to enter new products and markets keeping its "quality" promise through ensuring the satisfaction and happiness of its employees.

Thank You,
Riad Mahmud
Managing Director

   Board of Directors


Mr. Golam Murshed (Chairman)

Mr. Golam Murshed, Chairman of National Polymer Industries Ltd, is a dynamic businessman. He joined in his family business earlier in his life. He has a vast experience on Plastic and PVC sectors. He has been with National Polymer Industries as a Sponsor Director since the inception of the company and contributing a lot for the development of the company. Now he is carrying out his responsibilities as the Chairman of the company.

Mr. Riad Mahmud (Managing Director)

Mr. Riad Mahmud, is the Managing Director, is leading the company as a pioneer in uPVC sector in the country. He obtained his academic qualification on B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas in 1994 and MBA from the University of Melbourne in 1998. After accomplishing his academic career, Mr. Mahmud enriched his career working in different industrial organizations in Sydney, London and New York. He joined the Board of National Polymer Industries Ltd in 2008. He is also a faculty of School of Business of North South University. Besides, as a dynamic businessman he has established and is running another company named Gasko Industrial Services Company, the largest local company for gas field drilling operations in Bangladesh. He is also the Director of Diamond Life Insurance Company Limited, the Chairman of National Fittings and Accessories Limited and the Managing Director of Shoeniverse Footwear Ltd, a 100% export oriented footwear manufacturing company.


Mr. Rafiqul Islam (ICB Nominated Director)

Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam is the Nominated Director of National Polymer Industries Ltd. nominated by Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB). He completed his Post Graduation in Marketing from the University of Dhaka in 1987 and started his career with Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) in 1988. He has also obtained Diploma in banking from the Institution of Bankers Bangladesh. Currently, he holds the position of Deputy General Manager in the ICB. He has joined the Board of National Polymer Industries Ltd. on 25th January, 2015 and performing his duties and responsibilities to the Board as an active participant






Mr. Mustafizur Rahman Shazid (Independent Director)

Mr. Mustafizur Rahman Shazid is the independent Director of National Polymer Industries Limited. Mr. Rahman has obtained B.Sc in Aeronautical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and MBA from IBA (Dhaka University). He is a knowledgeable person having a vast practical knowledge in Sales, Marketing and Distribution channel. Presently, he is a sponsor Director of Butterfly Marketing Ltd, Sole Distributor of LG Electronic Goods and Butterfly Electronic products in Bangladesh. He is also a Sponsor Director of Butterfly Manufacturing Co. Ltd, which manufactures LG and Butterfly branded electronic goods in Bangladesh






Mr. Jamal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury (Independent Director)

Mr. Jamal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury is the Independent Director of National Polymer Industries Ltd. He has obtained M. Com in Management from the University of Chittagong in 1990. After accomplishing his academic career, Mr. Chowdhury entered into the business arena. By dint of his diligence and competency, he has become a dynamic industrialist and businessman in the corporate domain. At present he is the owner of various prominent business entities such as: Cargo Maritime Ltd., Mahim Trade Link Ltd., Apon Import Centre Ltd., N J Environtech and Nawshin Steel Ltd. He is also the Director of Diamond Life Insurance Ltd. Based on his competency in the business sector and in line with the Corporate Governance Guidelines issued by BSEC regarding the Independent Director, the Board has appointed Mr. Chowdhury as the Independent Director on 11th August, 2016.